Event Management

We provide one-stop solution for our client to hold an event which usually includes manpower, design and production, venue decoration, promotion, and event rundown.

Social Media Management

Social media is an important platform for promotion. Many brands put great effort into Facebook Adv. to reach more potential consumers.

KOL / Product Seeding

Our service includes inviting KOL which suits your product image to have the product trial.

PR Pitching

Media pitching is an attempt to invite a journalist, editor, or media to get interested in your products or services. It could benefit by enhancing brand awareness.

Video & Photo Shooting

An easy way to understand the services/product, benefit on brand building, can be used as marketing material.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is an easy way to demonstrate your product or services, can attract more potential customers, increase audience buying desire, more instant engagement with fans.

Media Placement

Media placement enhances your company’s exposure among different media or districts in Hong Kong. We help our clients to get a great agency discount for media placement.

Advertising Truck

The advertising truck is a familiar outdoor advertising method to achieve the best publicity and increase awareness. The truck can travel around 18 districts in Hong Kong, people would usually match with other marketing campaign to achieve the best results. We provide a large range of services , including: renting vehicles, drivers, insurance, design, production, and staff arrangements etc.


The purpose of roadshows is to take your company’s message and brand on the road, increase brand awareness, and introduce your products and services to the public.


We provide a wide range of production services include leaflet, backdrop, props, red pocket, etc.